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Embodying the perfect combination

Embodying the perfect combination of power, dynamics and emotion




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Why a new design?

The collaboration with Pininfarina was born with the dual intention of making a product with a strong aesthetic personality and to introduce the new, iconic vision of ZETOR brand identity whilst reflecting the values of the corporation. The concept, which prefigures a new ZETOR flagship, forecasts the distinguishing features of the design by Pininfarina to be applied to the entire range of Zetor´s tractors.

ZETOR by Pininfarina

The challenging task of developing a new design for Zetor has been taken on by Pininfarina.

Since the very beginning, design by Pininfarina focused not only on the search for emotion but also on purity and innovation combined with functionality and a global approach applied to both industries, the development of sports cars as well as the design of industrial vehicles such as tractors, trucks, snow groomers or trains.

In the very specific project of Zetor by Pininfarina, the challenge was particularly exciting because it allowed the design team to work with a company that, despite all of its fundamentals for technical quality, needed a proper dress, one suitable and enriching for a formal expression of the brand.

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Detail kola Zetor
Detail přední části traktoru Zetor

The pillars of the new design

Pininfarina started the design process by analyzing the market context, current design trends in the tractor sector, values of the Czech culture and, above all, the landmarks of the Zetor brand: robustness, reliability and a simple construction. These values guided the design style, which was developed in a broader spectrum in order to steer in all directions, but at the same time always to focus on the strong identity of the brand combined with clean lines without simplistic décor.

Passion for tractors

The objective of Pininfarina was therefore to find a design that would enhance the power, strength, and consistency of Zetor tractors while adding emotion and passion that would express the energy and richness of the Czech culture. The typical red colour already present on Zetor tractors, for example, represented in itself a common denominator that led Pininfarina to amplify the feeling of passion tied with the tractors.

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Traktor Zetor
Detail přední části traktoru Zetor

Result captivated the world

Introduction of ZETOR by Pininfarina concept design was one of the great crowd-pullers in Hannover at the Agritechnica trade fair and reports obout the Czech brand circled the global media including BBC and the Daily Mail.

The new design by Pininfarina moves ZETOR to a deeper emotional experience, full of sensuality, dynamics and modernity. The idea behind the concept ZETOR by Pininfarina, is the perfect combinational embodiment of power, dynamics and emotion while preserving the usefulness and practicality of hard working machines, which are undoubtedly the definitions of tractors. The design concept combines all of these components in a modular design that can be applied to the complete model range of ZETOR tractors.

The body

Resulting body of the tractor wraps the mechanical parts of the machine and becomes its integral as well as inseparable component. The resulting design is characterized by its powerful lines and surface, which gives the tractor its dynamics and power.

Detail světel traktoru Zetor
Traktor Zetor

Graceful and functional

The truly iconic front grill of the tractor is quite unique in its design – a gradual tilt forward and the sloped bonnet emphasizes sensuality and grace of movement. Shaped side panels over the mechanical components provide a graceful and practical cover which hints at a link between the world of sports cars. Achieved by the cooling vents for example, which suggests that great importance is given to the cooling system of the engine. Playing with two colours supports the distinction between functional areas. Dark color separates the technical components from the rest, which are red.


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